Sunny G - Superleggera!

Plain and simply, there are very few cars that evoke a feeling that is synonymous with racing history. The mighty V10 engine that was used in very few modern day classics and cars of old carries a bit of a love and hate relationship with automotive enthusiasts, past and present.

One of the most stunning examples of this sound emulates from the mighty Porsche Carrera GT, or the CGT as it is more commonly referred to by gear heads. The scream in the higher rpm range is something that can only be described as eargasmic. With so few examples in existence, a rare sighting usually spurs the hope that a quick rip of the engine follows suit. If you're lucky, you get both, and the result will leave you speechless.

Another pretty number that comes to mind is one that wasn't really expected when it was announced and finally debuted a few years ago. It was unleashed by none other than Lexus, who had partnered up with Yamaha (they make motorcycles) to finely tune a naturally aspirated 5-liter V10 that was capable of revving over 9,000 rpm at the very limit. This quickly became the soundmaster of the ten-cylinder club after the howling screams emitted from a tri-exhaust tip setup was put on display on road and track courses. It quickly went on to be an instant classic, even if the performance overall wasn't a world beater.

Finally, we arrive at the heart of the beast that is the Lamborghini Gallardo. From 2004 until it's final example rolled out of the factory in Sant'Agata Bolegnese, Italy in 2014, more than 14,000 examples of the 'baby bull' made their way into owners hands all over the globe. This seemed to slot in as an answer to Porsche an Ferrari, whom both had stellar machines that delivered with smaller displacement engines. The secret to the Gallardo was in the mid-engine, V10 powerplant that gave this new platform life. If you think you've heard it all, then chances are you were never exposed to a non-restricted pre-lp V10 that existed in the 2004-2008 models.


Something someone once said to me was "if screaming is involved, then the passion lies within the higher octaves." What I didn't know was how much this applied to a motor that powered this supercar of yesterday. The 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera was the 'high performance' version, both in weight reduction and power increase, along with an even more aggressive factory tune that made this car quite capable of competing with the likes of it's Italian counterpart, the Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The factory setup of the Superleggera offered up a savage roar  from the exhaust that made you fully aware of what you were about to come in contact with as it approached.


After 2009, a newly revised 5.2 liter LP version was released, and the high-pitched sound of an un-corked pre-LP was gone forever. This means that if you want to hear what is possibly the best sounding V10 of its time really is, you must un-restrict a pre-LP Gallardo and rip it all the way up to its 8,000 rpm limit. Words can describe it in only so much detail, but the sound is outright menacing and a throwback to what F1 race cars once sounded like. Luckily there are still those out there that want to have these classics giving us this unapologetic symphony, and with the aftermarket exhaust builder @B-Rogue Built, located near Chicago in Hanover, Illinois, the Bizzarrini sounding V10 of a pre-LP Gallardo can live on in all it's glory. The build displayed here shows what outstanding tig-welding and materials can yield you with a custom setup that will set them apart from anyone else.


Stay tuned for more builds from this titanium specialist house, as they continue to deliver some amazing products to cars that now sound amazing, again!

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