Hey everybody! New vlog is up, and what an eventful few weeks since we last saw each other!

So many things going on in the car world, including a photoshoot with the dynamic duo of Adam Bornstein (@adam_bornstein) and Carson Smith (@carson_smith_) here in the famous Lower Grand of DTLA. Beautiful shots that even led to a printed canvas! Thank you again guys for the awesome shoot!

Magic making duo making it happen in downtown's lower grand.

Magic making duo making it happen in downtown's lower grand.

After several weeks of searching high and low for a new daily driver, and being so close to getting my first SUV (don't ask me why), I ended up with a pretty random selection that turned out to be pretty special and surprisingly fun to drive! Everywhere I go, this thing gets a lot of stares and compliments!


We had another photoshoot up in Malibu Canyon that same weekend, followed by a quick stop at the South Bay's newest detailing experts The Bogle Autohaus. They've taken care of all of may cars and several other vehicles and do just about anything related to automotive detailing. Check them out!


Recently I was invited to come on as a guest and talk with Miss Dagmara (@realtalkwithmissdagmara). We sat on the rooftop overlooking all of downtown and discussed how people have gone from nothing to focused. We also covered our own secrets and steps of what our methods are that keep us not only on track, but also progressing daily.

Deez Nutz.jpg

There was also the official Grand Opening of Phase 9 Motor Sports in the city of Orange for all you old school Nissan Skyline GT-R lovers out there! They have a nice little selection of R32's for sale, along with accessories and more all in a great new space! I grew up on these cars and all the other Japanese beasts, so this was especially fun to attend with a great turnout! More info about them can be found on their IG profile @phase9motorsports.

We've got a few things coming up here soon, including updates to the new daily and some business related items for those of you interested in what I do. Thanks everyone and feel free to follow me on instagram or twitter or visit the youtube channel for all the vlog episodes and more!

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