Quite possibly the most robust city in America today, L.A. Now sits at the top of almost everyone's destination place from both locally and abroad.

Someone once said that L.A. is a place to make it if you want to be a star. Right now, there is no bigger star than the city itself. Hundreds of billions of investment dollars had landed in the real estate market, funding major development sites all across town. Investors are finding more ways to get their money into the flow of projects that have come out of the ground over the past decade. Downtown is especially evident of the mass foreign influx of wealth and capital chasing any yields they can find.

More than 13,000 residential units are expected to come online by the end of 2016 in the Los Angeles multifamily sector alone. However, this is still not enough to make a dent in the shortage of housing that still currently plagues the city. Affordable housing starts have risen, and this type of asset is highly sought after for the mere value in what it does to help curb the housing crisis. More investors are starting to shift their development patterns towards these types of opportunities, which bodes well for the city long term.