Daniel In L.A.
Daniel In L.A.

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Finding multifamily deals in Los Angeles is a daunting task in today's marketplace. There are only a very limited number of actively marketed apartment buildings available on market. The nature of off-market transactions has given way to what equates to nearly 80% of all the deals trading today.

My primary focus has been solely the acquisitions and dis-positioning of multifamily buildings throughout Los Angeles. The edge and value-add I offer to clients comes from continuously growing market penetration in multiple neighborhoods, which creates opportunities in being able to deliver off-market inventory to investors not looking to compete in the open market for deals.

Based out of Beverly Hills, Partners Trust has over 200 agents and is a boutique powerhouse in L.A.  The Commercial division has rapidly expanded into several marketplaces, closing deals in several types of asset classes which include multifamily, land, retail and office. This speaks to the power of having a diverse team that only focuses on the accumulation of product for the immense buying pool that I work with daily.

If you are currently in the market and are looking to acquire or dispose of apartment buildings, now would be a great time to reach out and discuss how I can offer you the most competitive position in the market. Chasing a listing isn't always the first and best method to strike a deal, and this is a welcome change for most owners who don't understand the value proposition in bringing a sense of exclusivity to investors. Owners need to take advantage of the fact that now is the best time to sell and maximize returns on their investments. Property values are the highest they've ever been.

Trading up to better performing assets? What about cash flow as a form of wealth preservation? What about simply looking for an exit from the business itself? These are all genuine concerns for the investor or owner who has been or is looking for a building to buy or sell.